An experimental rock opera in four acts
based on stories from The Illustrated Man

The Bradbury Tattoos is a singular multi-story operatic collaboration between the contemporary classical ensemble concert:nova, fusion composer Zac Greenberg, librettist and playwright Michael Burnham, and tattooist and surfboard shaper Steven Mast.

Made from tales in Ray Bradbury’s book The Illustrated Man, this evening-long enchantment will carry you, tattoo by tattoo, through multiple venues where you’ll visit a thoughtful cocktail hour in a quiet city apartment, a typical 1950s suburban neighborhood full of impressionable children who look under rose bushes, an isolated roadside farm in Mexico where you can stop for water if the car overheats, and a slowly exploding rocket deep in outer space. Along the way, you just might hear from some folks who, while on a walking tour of Wisconsin, meet an old man covered in pictures that won’t stop moving.

The Bradbury Tattoos was conceived by concert:nova’s Ted Nelson, who at his first meeting with Greenberg, Burnham and Mast said, “These stories started working on me when I was a kid and they’re still working on me after all these years. I think it’s high time we tell them again.”

Friday July 13 6pm & 9pm
Sunday July 22 5pm & 8pm



Your Brain on Music:  Neuroscience and the intersection of music, the mind and wellness

What part of the brain lights up when you listen to music or play music? What happens to your brain when you listen to music? ​Does music affect your mood, health or your memory? Can you really get smarter by listening to classical music? Over the years, as scientists have studied the effects of music on brain function, it has become understood that people have a deeper and more complex response to music, over simple everyday noise or speech.

Artistic Director Ixi Chen works with Neuroscientists Dr. John Tew and Neuroradiologist Lily Wang MD, MPH and Todd Florin MD, MSCE to explore these questions. We examine the brains of cellist Ted Nelson and soprano Kemper Florin with both cinematic and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).   The MRIs depict brain activity by detecting changes in blood flow as the musicians listen to, visualize and actually make music!

Thanks to the University of Cincinnati Department of Radiology, Dr. John Tew, Dr. Lily Wang, Dr. Todd Florin and Dr. Bruce Aronow for their help in making this concert possible.

April 10 7:30 Performance by Cincinnati Young Artists
8:00pm Your Brain on Music Performance

April 11 7:30 Performance by Young Musicians
8:00pm Your Brain on Music Performance





6 Classics-to-clubs events in Cincinnati’s wine bars, breweries and bistros
October 19 / Nov 29 / Jan 24 / Feb 22 / Apr 4 / Apr 26
Myrtle’s / Hamiltons / Streetside / Skeleton Root / Landlocked







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