S2 2008-2009

September 7 and October 2, 2008

Programs featured works from the upcoming season and raised support and awareness of concert:nova’s mission, vision and goals.


October 28 and October 30, 2008

The program blended genre-fusing electro and acoustic styles in an illustrated narrative of the classic Maurice Sendak children’s tale. Music by Randall Woolf and images by Till Lassmann. Part of a CCM installation. The October 28 performance was at an elementary school and included a discussion with the children.



December 8, 2008

A provocative juxtaposition of two great artists and the confluence of their ideologies. c:n performed Messiaen’s remarkable work “Quartet for the End of Time”, written and first performed in Auschwitz, joined with abstracts from Beckett’s renowned play “Waiting for Godot” with award-winning photographer and multimedia artist Trinidad Mac-Auliffe as visual director.


January 9, 2009

concert:nova musicians performed works for string quartet concert at Covington’s Carnegie Center, including Mozart’s Theme and Variations, Puccini’s “Chrysantemi” Elegy for String Quartet, and Schubert’s “Death and the Maiden.”


February 2, 2009

c:n players joined with a lecture by neurologist Chris Brubaker, PhD as he guided audience members in the unique experience of hearing live classical music without seeing the performance or other audience members. The program showed how loss of one sense can change a listener’s response, reaction and understanding through the others. Works performed were:

  • Handel/Halvorsen: Passacaglia
  • Bach: Brandenberg Concerto No. 4 in G major, BWV 1049
  • Koechlin: Sonata for Two Flutes, Op. 75
  • Part: Fratres for String Quartet
  • Golijov: Last Round


The last piece was played in the dark, then repeated with the lights on.


April 5, 2009

c:n joined actor Michael Burnham, who delivered a compelling portrayal of Arnold Schoenberg using the composer’s own words to describe his music, philosophy, aesthetics and life experience. Vocal works were performed by soprano Meng Chun Lin and solo piano works by Steven Cahn.

The standing room only audience of 125 at concert:nova’s lower Reading Road basement space heard a wide range of Schoenberg works, interwoven with Burnham’s performance. These included:

  • Pierrot Lunaire: No. 1 Mondestrunken; No. 5, Valse de Chopin; and No 12, O alter Duft
  • Cabaret Songs, Galathea, Mahnung and Aria aus dem Spiegel
  • Serenade op 24, Lied Sans Parole / Tanzscene
  • Op 23 Piano Pieces: No. 1, Sehr lagnsam and No. 2, Sehr rasch
  • The Book of the Hanging Gardens: No.3, Als Neuling Trat Ich In Dein Gehege; No. 4, Da meine Lippen Reglos Sind Und Brennen; No. 10, Das Schone Beet Betracht Ich Mir Im Harren
  • Chamber Symphony No. 1.


Critical response to the program included:

“…concert:nova, a groundbreaking ensemble of musicians, set the music of Schoenberg in a striking new light.”
   – Janelle Gelfand, Cincinnati Enquirer, April 6, 2009


“It was a tour de force that simply must become a permanent part of C:N’s repertoire.”
    – Mary Ellen Hutton, Music in Cincinnati, April 6, 2009


“If I were a stranger in town and someone told me that a concert of Schoenberg’s music in Cincinnati attracted a SRO crowd to a hip venue and elicited a standing ovation, I’d probably dismiss them as being nuts – but that’s exactly what happened.”
  – Michael Fiday, CCM, May 21, 2009