Mozartly Yours
February 6, 2017
7:30 pm
The Woodward Theater
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Mozartly Yours (Mozartement Votre) is a theater piece written by Eric Westphal for the Festival du Marais in Paris. A comedic exploration of the relationship of members of a string quartet as they rehearse the “Hunt” Quartet, it is a look at the secret life of string quartet musicians against the backdrop of a delightful Mozart. Says actress Aimée Langrée, “Mozart would have loved the play! The secret perspective, like a little mouse hidden in a corner, of preparation and rehearsal of a quartet concert, is a light and truly sincere look at musical ‘backstage’ reality”. Eric Westphal is a French play writer who has written more than 15 plays for stage and radio. His most famous and celebrated play “Toi et tes nuages” was translated to 15 languages and adapted for a Hollywood movie known as “The Mafu Cage”.